Alastair George Bell Sim, was a Scottish character actor who appeared in a string of classic British films. He is best remembered in the role of Ebenezer Scrooge in the 1951 film Scrooge,

Alastair Sim in Scrooge, 1951.

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Beloved actor/celebrity Tony Randall was born today 2-26 in 1920. Pillow Talk, The Odd Couple (TV), Send Me No Flowers, Robin and the 7 Hoods, Lover Come Back and so many others are much loved movies he stared in. He also appeared in later years on David Letterman’s Late Show in cameo appearances, having already been a fixture guest on Johnny Carson before that. Randall passed May 17, 2004

Peter Sellers - actor best known for his roles in The Pink Panther series, Dr. Strangelove, What's New Pussycat?, Casino Royale, Murder By Death and Being There. He died on July 24,1980 of a heart attack at the age of 54.

Lon Chaney Jr. actor who played character rolls but was best know for his role as "The Wolfman" He was the son of the famous silent movie actor "Lon Chaney Sr". He died on July 12, 1973 at the age of 57

The night before Christmas: Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge

Film of the Day: Scrooge (1951)


Scrooge, Alastair Sim (1951) // this was the BEST version (but I can only watch it in black and white)

Alastair Sim and Michael Dolan in Scrooge (1951) (via TumbleOn)

Dame May Whitty DBE (19 June 1865 – 29 May 1948) was an English stage actress who appeared in numerous films in later life, achieving recognition in several character roles.

"Darkly handsome British film and television actor Richard Greene (1918-1985) was a matinee idol of the late 1930’s who appeared in more than 40 films. He was perhaps best known for the lead role in the long-running British TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955-1960)." #vintage #British #actors #handsome_man #1930s #1940s #movies

Robert Taylor- actor who appeared in many films ranging from costume dramas to westerns. He died on June 8, 1969 at the age of 57 from lung cancer

Alastair Sim by classic film scans, via Flickr

Victor McLaglen. won the Academy Awards' Best Actor Oscar in 1935 for " The Informer". McLaglen was a popular character actor, with a particular knack for playing drunks. He also usually played Irishmen. His most famous film remains Gunga Din (1939) with Cary Grant and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Also remembered for his role in "The Quiet Man". He died on Nov 7, 1959 from a heart attack at the age of 72.

George Clooney

Veronica Lake. An American film actress and pin-up model. Veronica Lake's peekaboo wave hiding one eye added to the cool blonde's mystery. She died on July 7, 1973 from renal failure at the age of 51

Robert Shaw -actor who appeared in many films including "From Russia With Love", "A Man For All Seasons", "The Sting" and "Jaws" where he portrayed Quint the fisherman. He died on Aug 27, 1978 from a heart attack at the age of 51

Kevin McKidd: Scottish television and film actor and director. Best known for playing the role of Owen Hunt in “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Clark Gable, Photo by George Hurrell