• Earl Tanner

    This is a hand woven bezel with beaded back. wrapping done with square wire

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As I prepare to write my next book (leather and wire work), I am trying out new products, new colors and pairing them with wire work.

Chrysocolla stone bezel set in fine silver with a hand made leather bracelet to go with itl Lisa Barth

I made this pendant to represent my life verse; John 15:5 which has special meaning to me. "I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."

My obsession with Labradorite continues... something a little different though with copper clay and wire work. The tubes on the sides were made with refrigerator tubing and copper clay fired together. Lisa Barth

I made this bracelet with the techniques from my book, Timeless Wire Weaving. If you'd like to learn how to do this, you sure can. Here is the link to see: www.amazon.com/...

Hand made centerpiece in fine silver and the leather bracelet is cut, dyed and finished by hand to fit and lined with sheepskin for comfort. --Lisa Barth

This bracelet has a Larimar cab for the centerpiece and a hand woven sterling silver bracelet to fit it. Lisa Barth

Here is the back of the pendant, with a different look so you get a two in one piece. :) Lisa Barth

I made this pendant by hand and the Celtic part was done with syringe metal clay. It is reversible with a different pattern on the back. -Lisa Barth

This stone is ammolite and it is prettier in person than it is in the photo. I wove a bezel in sterling wire for the frame. If you'd like to learn how to wire weave, I wrote a book about this technique. Here is the link if you want to see it: www.amazon.com/...

I bezel set this stone in fine silver. The stone is a natural formation of garnet in schist, that is how it was formed. I made a necklace of faceted bloodstone to go with it. --Lisa Barth

Here is a classic set of Woven Bezel ear rings and pendant. If you'd like to learn how to do this, I wrote a book all about it. Here is the link: www.amazon.com/...

Here is a beautiful Peruvian blue opal I bezel set in fine silver, then cut and dyed a leather bracelet for it. I love the magnetic clasps, they make it so easy to put on and take off. -Lisa Barth

Here's a new I made with copper and Peruvian Blue Opal. --Lisa Barth

Hand woven bracelet in sterling with an unusual Sarephinite cab. I liked the ying yang look of it so I highlighted that with the wire placement. -Lisa Barth

This stone is one of the prettiest Labradorites I have ever seen. I wove a bezel for it in solid copper. Lisa Barth

I worked on this one all weekend. With this necklace, I adapted a bracelet design so it could be a bit more versatile and worn around your neck. What the heck, why not? It is all sterling silver with some turquoise seed beads. www.etsy.com/...

This pendant is an Inro box, meaning it has a fitted lid that lifts but is attached to the cording. You can open it by lifting the lid. I made this with fine silver. -Lisa Barth

In my never-ending search to add leather to my jewelry designs, (I love all things Celtic), here is a 5 X 4 double turkshead I added to the bottom of this Inro box pendant I made with fine silver. I wanted it to cradle the box and then provide the cord for the attached lid.

Here's a little bracelet in copper with a few turquoise seed beads to accent. www.etsy.com/... -Lisa Barth

This Lazulite cab is a beautiful denim blue. I wove a bracelet for it in sterling silver. -Lisa Barth

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That's my boy, always with me. Lisa Barth

I wove a bezel with sterling wire around this Labradorite cab, then cut, dyed and tooled the leather. It has a magnetic clasp and is lined with sheepskin. Lisa Barth