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This is a hand woven bezel with beaded back. I love to make things reversible and this one gives you two totally different looks.--Lisa Barth

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Hand woven bezel pendant in sterling silver. -Lisa Barth

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Labradorite Cab

This is a hand woven bezel in copper wire with a beautiful Labradorite cab. Lisa Barth

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Hand woven bracelet. This pattern with be in the book. --Lisa Barth

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"Turquoise donut with a hand made copper woven bail." -- by Lisa Barth

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Amethyst with a hand woven bezel. I also hand cut and dyed the leather bracelet to fit it. The back is covered with lamb skin for softness --Lisa Barth

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Hand woven bezel pendant, this time I wove some chain in around the edge and placed a garnet in the center for accent. -Lisa Barth

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Barth Jewely

Here is a hand woven piece with a bright green Labradorite as the centerpiece. This will be in the book that I am writing right now. --Lisa Barth

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This piece is hand woven with a Sugilite cabochon as the centerpiece. I threw some little purple beads in there too for the fun of it. --Lisa Barth

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I hand carved this little guy with fine silver metal clay. -Lisa Barth