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"Me Too": The Humbling Moments of Parenthood - Enjoying the Small Things

"Here are a few things that I do to help alleviate my child's anxiety in new settings or in high stress one (lots of people)..." There are some good tips to try if you have an anxious child. :) | toddler approved.com #parenting #anxiouskids #anxietyinchildren

Please Don't Touch Me! {Dealing with Anxiety in Kids}

Please Don't Touch Me! {Dealing with Anxiety in Kids} Toddler Approved . Excellent read for anyone who interacts with children - regardless of whether or not your own children deal with anxiety.

Talk About School with Your Kids: Questions to Ask  Even as homeschoolers it is important at the end of a school day to talk with our children. Here is a wonderful list of questions to ask your kids after a day at school.

Talk About School with Your Kids: Questions to Ask

Talking about school with the kids is sometimes like teeth pulling! Some tips and questions to ask your kids after a day at school to get an answer more than "I dunno" Information to give parents. Please ask your children about what we did today.

I know many of you have noticed we have been posting fewer projects and tutorials over the last year. A big part of that has been my ...

14 Calming Down Tips for Angry Kids

Anger Management for Kids: 5 ways to help kids calm down, end tantrums, and deal with anger management problems - ideas from a professional family therapist.

Several months ago I shared the news that my husband and I had decided to send our girls back to school rather than homeschool.  It was an incredibly difficult decision to make, for so many reasons, but ultimately we decided that–at least for this year–a small private school just a few blocks from our home was the right fit for our family.

Private School on a Budget

Private school might seem out of reach, but it actually can be far more affordable than you might think. If you've been considering a change in your child's education, you will not want to miss these 7 super practical (and field-tested) ways to afford pr

Does your kid get anxious or scared? These research-backed tips will help calm their anxiety - and help them manage their OWN stress.

How to Quickly Calm Your Kid When They're Anxious or Nervous

Sometimes discipline and punishment aren't the first things we need to do when a child misbehaves. Most things are a teachable moment.

Such an encouraging post! Offering hope that enjoyable teen years are possible. How to Grow an Awesome Teenager

How to Grow an Awesome Teenager

Such an encouraging post! How do you grow an awesome teenager? Is such a thing even possible? Offering hope that enjoyable teen years can be yours.

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Toddlers need encouragement too! Find out five ways you can encourage and build up your toddler instead of tearing him down!

Kids need guidance, and that's where the parents come in. Their school can't teach them everything, there are a few things you need to teach to your children yourself, like these important things that will change their personality And make them more disciplined when they grow up.

10 Important Things You Should Teach Your Kids

Teach Your Child To Read Tips - Great article on teaching your child to be happy for others in their achievements and successes rather than jealous. - TEACH YOUR CHILD TO READ and Enable Your Child to Become a Fast and Fluent Reader!

I’ve always been a dreamer. Oh yes .. I was going to change the world. I was going to raise the best children ever to walk the earth. I was never going to make the same mistakes OTHER parents made. No way. Then I had children. My first lesson in patience happened immediately while sitting alone …

How to Be a Calm Parent

How to be a calm parent. 25 Ways to Stay Calm as a Parent. Parenting is often the hardest jobs we ever take on. This list is designed to help make it a little easier for everyone. Add your own ideas as well!

My kids beg to play this game.  Mom and Dad always loose, our kids have better manners than us now!

The Manners Game - Don't be afraid to take the kids out to eat

Game for teaching manners. "My kids beg me to play this game. Mom and dad always lose; our kids now have better manners than we do." Designed for table manners but could be adapted for use in other places!


How to Install a Beadboard Paneled Ceiling

How to Install Beadboard Ceiling: A Step by step tutorial, including an explanation of the boards and molding she used for the border and trim. Use in basement bathroom-small space:)

How to get kids to listen while keeping your cool (no more whining and yelling!)

Getting Kids to Listen While Staying Calm

Getting Kids to Listen without Yelling, Nagging, or Losing Your Cool - Modern Parents Messy Kids

Raising Kids Who Get Along from Mama Smiles. Dealing with fighting siblings is one of my biggest challenges right now. How do you deal with it??

No More Sibling Rivalry! Successful Parenting Secrets.

Tips for encouraging strong sibling relationships. A sibling is the longest relationship we have in life. Foster a strong connection.