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Many people believe that arthritis in the hand is just something that has to be lived with. That is not always necessarily so. Here is Dr.Elton, MD explaining the importance of hand specialist. Hand Arthritis & How to Treat It (with Dr. Suzanne Elton)

Upper Extremity: E-STIM for shoulder subluxation, scapula stabilization, elbow flexion/extension, and wrist, digit and thumb extension

Thursday’s Stretch: Radial Nerve, the third amigo

Hand Nerves | The Ulnar Nerve is close to the skin and is vulnerable to injury at the Cubital Tunnel of the elbow (behind the "funny bone"). This condition occurs in patients with tight wrist and finger flexors or patients who spend prolonged periods leaning on their elbows or adopting a position which results in prolonged stretching of the ulnar nerve... Read more »