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On what advice she would give her 23 year old self... "Breathe, my friend. You are not old, you are young. You are not a mess, you are normal. Extraordinary, perhaps. In the blink of an eye your life will change. And it will continue to change for decades to come. Enjoy it, embrace it…be grateful for the ride. You are not old, you are young. And faith will get you everywhere. Just you wait."

I'm going to succeed, because I'm crazy enough to think I can. Via @Kim Garst. #quotes #success #beinspired

Remember, it's better to look up

Don't forget to Look Up! Look Up Day is celebrated each of the month, it was created in 2010 to remind us all to: Be aware of our surroundings. Positively spin each situation as it could always be worse. Here's to looking up!

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"She has been through hell. So believe me when I say, fear her when she looks into a fire and smiles." — Anonymous