to be strong, healthy, and happy

Reasons to be healthy...

Reason #0132.

Reasons to be Fit.



Reasons to be Fit

let's be honest...

"keep going, even when your mind is telling you you can't. go past what you think you could do"

because being fit is a marathon, not a sprint! It takes time but it will be worth it -- HAVE to remember this! But it's so frustrating!


Reasons to be Fit. Only for me

This is about me and my health. I do not need to be competing with Suzy Q. I do not need to run a full marathon to prove that I'm a runner. I don't need a sticker on the back of my car stating each distance I've ran. I run for me. At my pace, on my schedule, to clear my brain, to make my heart healthy.

Reasons to be fit. Feelin' sexay.

This was basically my mantra during labor... ;]

Reasons to be Fit

Reasons to be Fit