{Fc Candice Accola} Hi I'm Carrington I'm 19 and single. I'll probably major in science or math. I can be shy and sensitive at times but I would like to make some friends. Did I mention that I'm a total nerd? *giggles a little* Intro?

This is the girl who plays Caroline Forbes in the vampire diaries. Did she ACTUALLY dye her hair BLUE!


wtf-models: xangeoudemonx: Fei Fei Sun Backstage at Ermano Scervino Spring i could look at this photo forever white hair….

Still of Meg Ryan in French Kiss

Salutes Hollywood Blondes

Cara Delevingne all purple

I think I'm going to grow my bangs out so I can do this hairstyle! I won't look like her, but heck, who cares.it will be fun! Pastel Purple/Pink Hair Editorial @ The Beauty ThesisThe Beauty Thesis

フェレイラ サイレンス 名古屋(Ferreira SILENCE) 《Ferreira SILENCE》小顔オシャレにナチュラルショートボブ☆

フェレイラ サイレンス 名古屋(Ferreira SILENCE) 《Ferreira SILENCE》小顔オシャレにナチュラルショートボブ☆

pink rock chic

Charlotte Free with MANIC PANIC hair. Mix some Pretty Flamingo, Cotton Candy Pink, and Pastelizer for this color.


Dye your hair simple & easy to lilac hair color - temporarily use lilac hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair lilac with hair chalk