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    Why Feed Grain Free Dog Food

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    What Are The Health Benefits of Eating Sweet Potatoes | Healthy Food Place

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    7-Minute Loaded Vegan Sweet Potato | shinycopperpig

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    Super easy sweet potato side dish: Melt some coconut oil on medium low in a skillet Add diced sweet potatoes, diced carrots, and diced onions Sprinkle garlic powder and onion powder (not too much) Cook until carrots and sweet potatoes are soft Drizzle some honey over it, mix in, and cook on low heat for about a minute. Enjoy! -- the best part about this recipe is that you can really play around with quantities of every ingredient. More onions, savory dish, more sweet potatoes&honey, sweet dish

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growing potatoes... I am never successful with potatoes, except when I chuck them in a hole and forget about them!

Home Joys: Growing Sweet Potatoes Here is takes about four months - but since your climate is so different then mine, I won't even be able to guess! I never knew the leaves were edible. we have found that it is best to keep the plants trimmed back. We usually plant the sweet potatoes at the side of the garden and mow off anything that grows into the yard. That way the strength of the plant goes into growing sweet potatoes and not just vines!

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The journey of planting a potato. link has info on how to garden and what to plant with lots of pictures. Garden with your kids - they will love it!

A previous pinner said... "My neighbour has a row of roses, which he took as cuttings. I asked how he took them. He simply plunges the cuttings into the ground. But his secret of success is the humble potato! Before planting cuttings, he pushes the bottom end into a small potato, which he believes keeps the cuttings moist as they develop roots. It sounds crazy, but his row of allotment roses is proof it works."

How to grow sweet potatoes, Great tips on how to start your own vines from sweet potatoes you buy at a farmers market.