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Pug- I'm sad will u make me happy" you- yes and I'm starting with making you happy so here's a bone, treats and dog food! Pug- thank you sooooo much I wov u I wov u I wov u

Dump A Day Attack Of The Funny Animals - 50 Pics

Brand new pugs here to find out more

Tail Wagging Time — Where you can spend a few minutes each day with furry friends.

Why do I have a feeling that there’s a treat to the right of the camera?

The beach does have it's drawbacks

Find Vacation Palm Springs pet friendly vacation lodging here and bring the whole family on your next visit to Palm Springs with the Vacation Palm Springs Rental Agency! www.vacationpalms...

Awww I just love a baby pug and those fish eyes about to pop out of their head lol

I will one day rescue my own black pug. :)