Annie  Corn Yellow/  Kelp Linen     Pattern Information:  4 1/8" Width by 6 1/4" Height     Linen Fabric:  87% Cotton - 13% Rayon

Annie Corn Yellow/ Kelp Linen Pattern Information: 4 Width by 6 Height Linen Fabric: Cotton - Rayon

Dena Fishbein - Taza - Tarika in Fuchsia

Taza Fabric by Dena Designs / Tarika in Neutral / 1 Yard Cotton Quilt Fashion Fabric

Could this be on my window seat cushions...or is this not upholstery fabric?  This would look good with black/white damask on dining chairs!

For Living Room Pillows: Joel Dewberry - Aviary 2 - Lodge Lattice in Vintage Yellow

This has some appeal, wonder how fast I would start to dislike it though.

Annie Eaton Blue/Kelp Linen by Premier Prints - Drapery Fabric Family room?

Neuroosiin taipuvaiset aivot eivät halua kotiin mitään liian monimutkaista geometriaa...

Moroccan Tile Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios