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Ranunculus Purple (Purple Persian Buttercups) - Royal purple roses have big 3" - 4" blooms – and a single bulb can produce dozens of flowers! Ravishing perennials, they grow 10-15" tall. Where winters are mild (zones 8-11), plant ranunculus bulbs in Fall for early spring flowers. Good container plants.

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How to Grow Dahlias

How to Grow Dahlias • Great Tips and Ideas!

Marigold, Snowball Hybrid Strong stemmed upright plants grow to 24" tall and proudly display full 3" globes of the whitest marigold we have ever grown. Can be sown directly in the garden after all chance of frost, or start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost for earlier bloom. Grow in full sun and space plants 12-14" apart in the garden. Tip: Remove spent blooms and fertilize regularly to promote fuller, more robust blooms. lifecycle: Annual Uses: Beds Sun: Full Sun Height: 20-24 inches…

~~Coupe de Soleil Dahlia | Rene Koordes~~ absolutely beautiful!!!! i NEED to find these!!! hope they can grow in HAWAII!!!

Butterfly Blue Scabiosa Butterflies simply love them! This terrific plant starts blooming by early summer and continues blooming until mid fall. Deadheading will ensure continued blooming. An excellent choice for mass planting, edging borders, containers and rock gardens. Product Information: Light: Full sun to partial shade Height: 12-15" Deer Resistant Bloom Time: Summer Size: Potted Zones: 3 to 9

Hydrangea | Hydrangea are thirsty - both as a plant and a cut flowers. Be sure to check moisture levels often. Submerging cut flower heads will prevent wilting and help them look better longer.

Helleborus/ Christmas rose. Very colorful for shade plants! Bloom in winter and early Spring. Frost-resistant and evergreen. The most popular hellebores for garden use are undoubtedly H. orientalis and its colourful hybrids (H. × hybridus).

Four O'clocks - drop seeds and come back each spring/summer. LOVE THEM They are sooo easy!

~~Dahlia 'Janice' ~ pink Waterlily dahlia that combines well with all colors. Strong, straight stems hold blooms high in plants that look great in the garden | Corralitos Gardens~~

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50 dahlias to drool over

‘Juul’s Allstar’ The 2½-foot-tall bush covers itself in orchid-flowering blooms that are fuchsia with a bright yellow center

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Perennial Flowers for a Stunning Design

Who wouldn't want Catmint 'Walkers Low'? Along with being colorful, it's also drought tolerant and blooms all season!

Daylily, Mardi Gras Parade............. Stunning large flowers with distinctive color pattern. ........... This easy to grow daylily produces masses of colorful, blooming mounds in summer. Fantastic in the garden and equally impressive in the vase. Zones 3-9.