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Oh, all these animals are just humans, they just have animal bodies. Wow!! Just look at that!! See and feel the amount of emotions this pic is filled with!! It's so so very very sweet, awesome, and super super beautiful!! And that's not a dolphin, I always thought it was a type of dolphin. Seems it's a type of whale called "Beluga whale." Love the name...lol.    #God #spirituality #sweet #animals #nature

Baby Beluga--wish you were in the deep blue sea so you could swim so wild and swim so free. Sky above you and the sea below, you're a little white whale on the go.

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Dreaming of dolphins • photo:

Pacific white sided Dolphins are amazing creatures. Beauty defined, and a window into the depth, intricacy and awesomeness of The Creator. Dreaming of a dolphin encounter in the wild.

DOLPHIN Animals Lover - Enten shirts (*Partner-Link)

DOLPHIN Animals Lover - Enten shirts (*Partner-Link)

A very happy bottlenose dolphin | Picture: Caters News Agency

Animals seeming to have a good laugh