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Ways dad can help manage pain during labor

Ina May said, “We are the only species that can doubt its ability to give birth.” She correlated fear in childbirth with pain. As in, the more fear you generate, the more pain you will feel. How do you help eliminate fear in a birthing mom? You focus on the atmosphere in which the woman gives birth in.

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Tips for Surviving Unmedicated Childbirth

Good read. All true with good humor.

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Photographer shares intimate images of labor to 'demystify' experience

kissing - shares the intimacy and sensuality of birth. As Ina May Gaskin says " the energy that get's the baby in, get's the baby out."

One of the most common questions about homebirth from those considering it is, “What do you need?” While the list of supplies varies from midwife to midwife, there are some basic things that almost everyone is going to need to gather in preparation for the birth.

This is excellent!!! Timeline of a Breastfed Baby. This should be included in every woman's "go home" packet. Most women are never told these things! Great read!

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10 Things I Wish All Women Knew About Giving Birth

It takes a lot of inner conviction to believe in birth as a natural process

labor without an epidural. This says almost what I say about my homebirths. I'm not brave or crazy, I just believe pin helps us know the joy more fully! After 3 natural births I feel more power in myself than any feminist opinion ever has.

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Happily After Giving Birth – 10 Things They Don't Tell You

10 Things No One Tells You about giving birth. I love this woman.

BIRTH POOL POSITIONS | Triad Birth Doula- This is cool. I dont think I will ever have another water birth but good article to have

Trust your pregnant body- it was designed to grow that baby and then give birth to it. Stop medicalizing a natural act.

The Intensity of the Pain Matches the Intensity of the Joy | Birth Without Fear. This is an incredible story. Watch the video at the end.

Yale-trained physician talks about why she chose home birth. This is a fantastic article that really captures the heart of a lot of women who choose home birth. They are making an educated decision, and they deserve our respect.

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Do I Need a Doula? 11 Good Reasons to Use One

11 Reasons to Use a Birth Doula | If you're pregnant, a birth/labor doula could be a great additional support person to help you have the kind of birth you want!