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    OMG!!! That's so me when I don't have my glasses on...

    Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment? Gotta print this for my diary when I go back to work.

    get the time machine!! I would have it as carpet as well so that I could roll all over the floor ahaha HOW FUN !!!

    I hate that so many women make this stereotype true.

    saw this awesome dress on pinterest nailed it - Sleeping Beauty dress nailed it

    please don't make me say it.<<<nobody explain please, if you don't get it you never had a childhood


    Well I guess there's no use in waking up early then. *shrugs*

    Please. Please, oh please oh PLEASE dear Lord tell me these are not real!!!

    Freak me out! Wolf spiders are all around and sometimes in my house, in which case I shriek.

    Small Business humorous - Re-pinned by Alpha Omega Accounting & Bookkeeping, LLC www.aoaccounting.com

    Uniting metaphysically is completely okay because we all know that there are definitely others of us out there. We can be found on a special place called "The Internet".