Another Pile by *Mr--Jack on deviantART Love this compilation of character sketches- a lot of good potential for digital coloring here.

dragon_heads_for_jesse__by_oddosprey-d94ug4v.jpg (1253×5000)

Here I have saved various dragon head drawings. These are bigger built dragons that live in different conditions. Some of these I could adapt to underground conditions.


Oodles of Doodles by Leah Fuhrman, via Behance-- My mom did something like this with the characters from "The Cinnamon Bear", an old radio program. Always inspirational, that mom is!

For a more dynamic feel, construct your drawing with crisp straight geometric shapes and line work

Sketches by Artem Solop Kiev, Ukraine on Behance Character Design Drawing Illustration Drawing Draw Sketch Doodle Ilustração

Great Big Sketchdump WInter by Turtle-Arts on deviantART Excellent example of just doodling, sketching, drawing

Edwin Rhemrev | rhemrev.com ★★★ Find More inspiration @creativeelc ★★★

More painted stuff coming up soon, but in the meanwhile, here's some stuff from my sketchbook. These pensketches were done as visual develop.

Nonsense exploration and practice and goofing off on my own time!

Doodles on Behance - - - So much movement and detail without tons of shading and color.