Baby Dolls - 1962 Sears Christmas Book

Ideal 1962


Woolworth's Gumdrop Goody Tree ~ 1950 Magazine Ad

Knickers and a blouse! 1982-xx-xx Sears Christmas Catalog P324 by Wishbook, via Flickr I loved knickers


Paper dolls book

A Real Doll Baby

vintage girl with her doll

Tiny Tears

I couldn't wait on the Sears "Wish Book" every year! So much fun to look through...And write out your Christmas wish list by!

Vintage Skipper Dolls. I had the one with brown hair. Still have her.

Mrs. Beasley

Icicles,couldn't throw them on, had to put them on one at a time!!

Listened to this for many years!

Loved the Sears Catalog Christmas Wish Book!

*Remember the BIG catalogs? 1960s

Love's Baby Soft - this smells so good

Everyone must have had this book.


Lifesaver Story Book - every year at Christmas!