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1962 Sears Christmas Book......I had one of these as a little girl.....

1962 Sears Christmas Book. We would peruse this book and circle everything we wanted for Christmas! I had one of these metal dollhouses...note the "fallout shelter" referenced in the right-lower corner of the page

Sears dad kept these. Us girls would go through it page by page, circling everything we wanted for Christmas.

The day the annual Sears Christmas catalog arrived in the mail was a jubilant day! Kids poured over that thing! <> (retro, vintage, yesteryear, Xmas)

We couldn't wait to get the Sears Christmas Book every year...We played "circle what you want"

1956 Sears Christmas Catalog by Wishbook - Gramma made all my dolls clothes, I still have them. Have 2 dolls like this with lots of cute clothes she made. LL

Sears Christmas Wish Books.... (the 1958 Sears Christmas Catalog now viewable at )

Sears Catalog Christmas 1966 - cover by Zaz Databaz (I was in first grade.)