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He is a Chief Master Sergeant John Gebhardt in the USAF serving in Afghanistan As high as you can go in enlisted ranks (E-9) John Gebhardt's wife, Mindy, said that this little girl's entire family was executed. The insurgents intended to execute the little girl also, and shot her in the head... But they failed to kill her. She was cared for in John 's hospital and is healing up, but continues to cry and moan. The nurses said John is the only one who seems to calm her down, so John has spent…

This is Liam and Theo....they were killed together in Afghanistan ....they are being buried in the same casket ...lets not forget that this is going on every day...... Heroes.

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An American Soldier holds his head during prayers on Sept. 11, 2011 at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan. Ten years after the 9/11 attacks in the United States and after almost a decade war in Afghanistan, American soldiers gathered for church services in prayer and solemn observence of the tragic day. (John Moore/Getty Images)

Instructions on how to take a picture of Christmas lights. I can't wait to try this!

This is one of the main reasons why i love Jennifer Shrader Lawrence. She's so down to earth and she never forgets her roots and where she came from. She isnt absorbed by her stardom, she is who she truely is and she never forgets thar. She's not scared to be herself, and i love her so much for that. She is my idol, my romodel, and it is my absolute goal in life meet her. (or atleast see her in person cuz ya know, meeting super famous actresses is muy dificil)


American soil…

American soil…This almost made me cry.

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We don't see enough pictures like this.

Fireman, real heroes. This little girl survived because of one man.