make this shirt for Mia

My SIL loves the honey badger!

I just don't give a shit if you spelled something wrong or put a fucking comma in the wrong place or didn't use an apostrophy for that contraction or if you used the wrong form of you're/their/etc. I get the gyst of what you meant. I'm not the spelling police nor am I the grammar nazi. I won't correct you or judge you. I have bigger fish to fry.


grammar police :)

hahaha, this is so true.

You. Y'all. All y'all.

I need this shirt!!!

Ask me about it… hahahahaha

Thing about rules....they should be consistent!

Haha. I know so many people who use this tactic! (But, of course, not me.....)

Seriously.. This one is for Jared... lol

I like this, a lot.


For my friend, Renee! oxoxo


perfect! :)

funny but TRUE

YES. I am going to get a lot of these and hand them out to people who need to be reminded...