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Dr. Scholls

Dr. Scholl's 'Original' Sandal | Nordstrom

Vintage McDonalds 1970s glasses!!! OMG these bring back memories!!

remember when we used to wear these all the time, @barefootstephco?

Ralph Lauren 'Polo' Eau de Toilette Cologne Spray | Nordstrom. Really difficult to improve on this.

Yes Milton Bradley still makes this game but I had to add it cause it was one of my favorite games as a kid!!

You know you are getting old when things that were popular in the 1980's is considered vintage.

1980s cosmetic products | 1980's | 80's Beauty Products. This brings back memories, my mom used to work for Avon :)

Snorks #80s #memories #cartoons

1980s Plastic Charm Bracelets Necklaces. I LOVED THEM...had a ton. Anyone else remember these lil beauties?!

1980's... you know what these are by the look of them!

Lot of 2 1980s-90s McDonalds Transformer Toys....I had these when I was little!

Vintage 80's huarache sandals lol I had some of these... they hurt and put blisters on my feet.. but i still wore them...lol


Bass Sandals -- Everyone had these in the early '80s! I do! :) my mom use to wear these

1980s Toy Pound Puppy Tan with Brown Spots by by ManateesToyBox, $4.85

80's laces. Sooo had these!

First day of kindergarten, saddle shoes. I can see why my mom made me wear them. They are charming.

Eastlands. Liz and Regan had these with the laces like that.

1980s Slouch Socks - Yep we all thought we were so cool!