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Boris favorite year was 1979...he is an amazing artist

Herd was too ordinary a word for what they were, Horses came in herds. And cows. But unicorns... There had to be special words for them all together. Suddenly he knew what it was, As if they had told him so in his wavery song. He was watching a surprise of unicorns. --Jane Yolen-- (The Boy Who Drew Unicorns)

Every morning I ride to work astride the back of my pet unicorn Jason.

what's more inspirational than mythical creatures?

AAAAAAAAHHHHH *huge eyes and quivering lip* mummy can I have one??? PLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEE?

Beautiful Elves - YouTube

This is a baby unicorn. Except not really because it's all "copper tube, aluminium and steel wire armature, Padico Premier stoneware clay, taxidermy glass eyes, recycled mohair, rayon flocking, silicone ears/facial features, resin, polymer clay."

Unicorn Zebra This very rare zebra unicorn is escaping from a prairie wildfire that is burning down the trees on the hills in the distance.