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Pomeranian ready to pounce!

pomeranian fall

AKC Pomeranian Puppies

Awwwwww so adorable Pomeranian

Childhood memories...Pomeranians scare me a little...even ones as small as this.

pomeranian teacup - Google zoeken

Looks like my little Romeo when he was a puppy. He was such a great dog. And he had a awesome personality. I miss him alot :(

Pomsky! Omg I want one!!! Pomeranian and Husky!!! I think i just died tej times just from that cuteness

Literally a white Fluff-ball .

this is not a dog this is a puff ball

Pomeranian/Australian Shepard Mix....perfect combo


I love this doggie bed! - Dogilike.com

Charlie the Pomeranian wants you to scratch his tum tum

micro teacup pomeranian...adorable....it's so cute I can't stop laughing!!

Blue Merle Pom! Merle's are so unique and beautiful, just like my bear <3

Pomeranian::A Spitz type breed of dog named for the Pomerania region in Central Europe. Classed as a toy breed because of its small size, they are descended from the larger Spitz types - specifically the German Spitz. The breed has been made popular by a number of royal owners since the 17th century.

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