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I kind of feel like I really need this, for a number of reasons.

i can't stop looking at this adorable picture. or looking at the humane society website. or hearing ads for adopting dogs. arghhh.

Wow this is very true and so worth sharing!! I am happy to say that I have always been the best artist that I can be to my furbabies and pray for all the ones that have not been so lucky!

It's always time for nap time.

Time For A Selfie

If you don't have time to do it right...when will you have time to do it over

a perfect veterinarian joke

I'm a believer that being alone is good for you. Physically alone, mentally alone, socially alone. It can do wonders for your confidence as well as your strength. God didn't make us to depend on someone else but rather to be strong enough to stand alone and know that the company of someone else is a luxury, not a necessity. ❤❤ okay, off my soap box now.

That's why space is awesome and scary at the same time...