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oh my god… it’s so manly yet i can almost see this working for my hoarder space which needs to soon be converted to an office. i’m dying for a chalkboard wall, i just need to scribble constantly.

ACTIVE WALL. This wall creates a room that has lots going on in the room but only on the walls mainly. The room is calming at the same time. It has dark colors but light flooring and lighter colored furniture to make it bright in the room.

from BuzzFeed

32 Things You Need In Your Man Cave

Ok so it probably won't be a barrel given the space I have but the pooch WILL need a space too!!!

from Foursquare


give me an inch, I'm gonna take a does he do this stuff in an afternoon, albeit a prototype - but time to start a scrapbook of everything he has made me, the girls...speechless most of the time

from The Pattern Collective

EKA-01 Biblioteca Wallpaper by Ekaterina Panikanova