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    Leave It To Beaver, all seasons. (when I told A. I loved this TV series, he laughed and said I was an old-fashioned soul...!)

    1950's & 60's TV Commercials includes Prell shampoo, Ipana toothpaste, Hertz putting you in the driver's seat, Avon calling, Sandra Dee doing a coke spot.

    60's Commercials - Commercials use to be very cool...instead of irritating...

    Salisbury Steak TV Dinner- oh gosh I used to eat these one and loved them. Yikes, what does that say about moms cooking!

    TV Guide - July 2-8, 1955 Lassie with Jeff played by Tommy Rettig and Rin Tin Tin with Rusty played by Lee Aaker.

    Small Wonder -- TV Show from '80s. I knew this sitcom about a regular family with a secret robot daughter, wasn't merely a figment of my overactive, pre-adolescent imagination!

    VHS.. who would have thought?? We thought it was wonderful at the time....hehe

    The Slinky was invented in 1943 by Richard James and first sold by Gimbal's Department stores in 1945. In 1960 Richard James gave all his money to a religious cult and moved to Bolivia. In 1962 his wife Betty James, reorganized the company, began an advertising campaign and gave us the Slinky we know today.

    July 8, 1972. Merv Griffin of the syndicated "The Merv Griffin Show."

    TV sets - Black and white with no remotes. You were tickled to get more than one channel that you didn't mind getting up to change it. Of course the parents always had the kids do the changing of the channel. LOL