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Such a fun way to create party favors! SRM's TUBE comes in 4 sizes.


Party thank yous

Mini TUBES are perfect for holidays! SRM has 4 sizes of TUBES!

SRM Stickers: Tubes @Virginia Lu created these wonderful birthday party favors using SRM's Skinny Tubes and We've Got Your Invite for the "Party Time" on the side. Love how the clear SRM Stickers melt right into the tubes.

SRM Stickers: Tubes @Christine Traversa created this basket of TUBES for a birthday party. Waht adorable favors crated using TUBES from SRM and SRM Birthday Stickers too ass found here: http://www.shopatron.com/home/index/3258

SRM Stickers: Tubes: @Julie Lacey created this elegant tube using a "celebrate love" Sticker sentiment as part of her embellishment. Would make a beautiful wedding favor.

SRM Stickers: Tubes: @Tobi Crawford created these fabulus TUBES for Christmas Party favors using her Silhouette and SRM's Live Life Christmas stickers as embellishments.

@Jen Carter created this wonderful party invite and matching favor using SRM's Birthday We've Got Your Invite, Birthday We've Got You Border Sticker and a skinny TUBE. So much fun!

SRM Stickers - Emma Jeffery created these Lego TUBES using SRM Stickers including Sticker Stitches.

Halloween Party Favor TUBES from SRM Stickers!

SRM Stickers: Tubes @Rae Barthel created these wonderful TUBES in a bag as a party favor decorated with SRM Stickers. Both can be found here: http://www.shopatron.com/home/index/3258

SRM Stickers: Tubes @Liz Weber created these party favor TUBES mounted in their own crafty base using SRM's Tubes and lots of SRM Border Birthday stickers available here: http://www.shopatron.com/home/index/3258

SRM Stickers: Tubes Michelle Bertuzzi created this fabulous centerpiece that contains party favor tubes. Tubes & stickers from SRM: http://www.shopatron.com/products/category/3258.

Clare Buswell created this wonderful wedding favor using SRM's Mini TUBE #38003. So fancy and fun and perfect! She also used SRM's clear Fancy Birthday Stidkers to decorate the TUBE. Mini TUBES available here: http://www.shopatron.com/products/category/3258.

candy tube idea

SRM Stickers: Tubes @Jan Tatomir created this fabulous baby shower favor using SRM's Tubes and Stickers. YUM! Tubes & stickers available here: http://www.shopatron.com/products/category/3258.

Candy favor tubes

@Renee' Morris-Dezember created this set of team treats using SRM's TUBE and Baseball stickers. So cute! Tubes & baseball stickers available on www.srmpress.com

Candy tubes and wands perfect for party favors!