DIY: Halloween ideas -- chicken wire in the yard + glow in the dark paint = ghosts in the front yard.

Halloween chicken wire ghost dressed in cheesecloth- view 4

Packing tape ghost -- This is crazy awesome. I know what we're adding to our yard this year.

DIY Glow In The Dark Halloween Ghost Craft

Need to do this with Alaina on a summer day.

How will you get into the Halloween spirit? I'm going to fill my house with these cool DIY Halloween decorations!

chicken wire ghost

Chicken Wire Ghost How To | ... Decoration: How to Make Human-Size Ghosts : How-To : DIY Network

Latex gloves with glow sticks in your pond or pool for halloween! Creepy!!

Bottle Bush: A Small Bottle Tree | Yard Art | Gardener's Supply

Elmers Glue on wax paper + glitter. Once dried, peel off for nifty spiderwebs! Halloween Decorations - Halloween Crafts - Redbook

OMG - this is a must do for Halloween!!!!

Halloween ideas for yard

I'm SO doing this for Halloween!

Great DIY Halloween Decorations...I'm so doing this on my front porch!!!!

Put a container full of dry ice and water in a jack-o-lantern. To make it extra cool, add a glow stick to light up the fog.

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A FRIGHTENINGLY FUN FRONT PORCH •Use mannequin legs from a thrift store or stuff striped socks. Use black shoes and make buckles out of tin foil. Stick them in an urn. •Make a sign or use this one “The Witch Is In” (“Out” on reverse side) from Curious Sofa •Tuck a mask into a wreath