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    We've all had Dear blank, please blank moments in our lives. If you don't know what those are, just look at the notecards below. If you like sarcastic iron
    December 6, 2011

    Dear Blank Please Blank 8 Icebergs

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    Dear Karma...

    Karma's a Bitch...

    Karma's a Bitch. found on Polyvore


    "Yeah, right." [From George Takei's FB. ] And this comment: Just like the lecturer who stated that "sugar" was the only word in the English language to use "su" to sound out a "sh" sound. Only to have a student ask, "Are you sure?" Love students. :)


    The last one XD

    Nothing will blow your mind quite like this case…

    Creative cursing at its best! I thing 'ass waffle' will now be part of my vocabulary.

    Winston Churchill vs. Lady Astor: | The 25 Smartest Comebacks Of All Time

    I'm crying OMG

    Irony mark.

    Karma, what goes around comes back around!!!