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Disney Meets Hollywood

Disney Meets Hollywood

& Creature from Black Lagoon, Joker from Batman Movie & Tangled, Freddie Kruger & Sleeping Beauty, Edward Scissors hands cutting Cinderella's hair, super hero Cat Woman drinking milk from bowl with kittens,

I just don’t see it…

Okay, I did this. I'm just as gullible as that person is there. Gullible people aren't stupid, they're just that. Gullible. Don't make fun of them because most of the time, they're the one's you go to when you need someone who will trust you.

Is it just me or is the rest of the world thinks "Enough with this people already". It's not that funny... And Sheldon would not have survived as long as he has, someone would already have put a bullet in his head. Enough I say.

Just Act Natural And No One Will Notice

My sister said that she has seen people do that before seeing this... and she was a band geek.