well, snorkeling can be good for the soul too

Sky Wave

"Mushroom wave" - when waves collide

Ocean Love

i thought they could only be seen in t-shirts. pink sky and palm trees <3

⚓ Right-hand perfection. #wave #island #palm #palmtrees #ocean #sea #blue #green

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Glistening Wave

Black Sand Magic - giclee by ©Roy Tabora

the ocean, waves crashing to shore, retreating quietly and quickly back before rolling in again, water sparkling in the sunlight, each drop a diamond of brilliant beauty, all given by God, and received with a thankful heart of joy.

Sunset Surfing

Sunset through the waves~


surfing on sunset

Active lava flows touching the ocean Hawaii. | Most Beautiful Pages

Unique and Beautiful Beach Decor Reclaimed Wood Sign Handpainted

I want to learn how to surf...Hawaii anyone?