March 6-National Dentist Day


What do you love about your dentist? #granddentalgroup

March 6th is National Dentist Day! Gift idea - especially for the daddy dentists & adaptable for any dentist! [includes free tag printable]

Happy National Dentist Day! What's your favorite part about your dentist? #DentistDay #DDS

Happy National Dentist Day!!!

This pin is all about National Dentist Day!

National Dentist Day

32% of patients in clinical trials said that their health care provider took the time to answer all their questions Arysmed |

Participating patients were more likely to have first learned about a clinical trial through their health care provider Arysmed |

People participate in clinical trials for a variety of reasons. Arysmed |

75% of patients will enroll in a trial when asked to by their health care provider Arysmed |

Fresh Breath Day is August 6th, 2014. That's Wednesday, folks! What better time to get to the dentist? #smile #dentist

National Grouch Day is October 15th. I hope that at least made you #smile. #holidayoftheday #dentist

Educate patients, health professional colleagues, and community audiences about clinical research and opportunities for participation Arysmed |

Kako lečiti gliste

"I hate it when my dentist asks when the last time I flossed was. I'm like, dude, you don't remember? You were there. "


Women's Hormones and Dental Health

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National #Gummi Worm Day July 15th Gummi actually means Rubber in German. Watch those crowns! #dentist