• Lauren Tinker

    Perfect. This is so happening after the wedding! A wedding dress girls night out. :) THIS IS TOTALLY HAPPENING!!!

  • Katrina Lucero

    72 Truths "Friends" Taught You About Life In Your Twenties this is so going to be me and my bestfriends

  • Deidra Mann

    Friends - wedding dresses are awesome.SO funny!

  • Olivia Boot

    best friends wearing wedding dresses even when your not the one getting married

  • Deanna Jean

    I could definitely see my friends and I doing this too. Drinking beer in wedding dresses

  • Paperless Wedding

    friends - phoebe, rachel and monica - wedding dresses #friends #wedding #paperlessweddingblog

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Sounds good!


Psst. Your crazy is showing.

We're best friends forever!! But if you lose my page while thumbing through my copy of 50 Shades of Grey, you're dead to me.