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  • Kathryn Waldron

    Betta Fish Types | Funny Pet Wallpapers - Cute pet, funny pet, puppies ...

  • Bronwen White

    freshwater tropical fish - Google Search

  • Singing Pines

    Betta Splendens or Betta Fish _ is a beautiful fish with a small form and live in aquatic habitats in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

  • Miss Ford

    Fresh Water Aquarium fish

  • Megan Wright

    Perfect for childs birthday party favors! They can live in a cup or jar and are very low maintenance! And CHEAP TOO!

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Gorgeous betta. Photo by marisol.

six line wrasse - would absolutely lovvvve to be able to study marine life up close

Crown Tail - photo by Andrew Williams. I think this is my next betta color to have. :)

Betta fish photographed by Paulo Henrique Keijock Muniz

Beta looks like a flower- need him in my life. Betas are super easy to care for- just put him in a fish bowl all alone

Have water near for calming. Drink water! Listen and see.Water--a small fountain, a fish tank or bowl with bright fish moving slow and smooth in aqua realms

How do they have such pretty colors!?!?

Beta fish would be a great idea to have as a classroom pet because they are low maintenance. Like Gary who lives in the spongebob squarepants pineapple.