when little girl jeans get too short...and the next size up is still too long...

Turning Jeans into Shorts

spice up the jeans

This would be great to make my shrinking pants legs look longer. My fave jeans are in perfect shape but the legs are getting high. Especially with shoes in winter!

Would this fix skinny jeans? Love this look - and it could totally be a DIY UP- Cycle project! What a way to dress up old jeans ,,, just add LACE of choice to go up the sides and around the hem of Jeans. Use fabric glue if you don't sew... be done in no time !

Re-Purpose Little Girl Jeans

Add tulle to a jacket -- EEK! Love this!

Secret Garden Showcase: What little girl would not love this! Magic Wand DIY {Toys}

Make garden apron from old jeans. No sewing!

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? And people wonder why their kids are pregnant at 16??!!!??

TIP: Add length to short dress. Lengthen from middle

I just saw a girls shorts with a lace patch on top of the denim at the sides like this and sai "I should do that to some of my shorts." This is even better since it can Restyle your shorts that became to small. (in Dutch, but English version is also available)

Coco 的美術館: DIY T- Shirt Redesign Ideas (part 4)--Before / after (with video)


For those mamas with girls, No more naked dolls. Good idea! SUCH a pet peeve of mine

Awesome patch for little boys' clothes

Baby Doll Basket Carrier...a PDF pattern, 3 sizes, plenty of pictures. 3 patterns to GIVE AWAY! | via Make It and Love It

little girl dress from Men's shirt

{lbg studio}: Dress A Girl Around the World Sew-a-Long Guest Post: Lots of Pink Here!

Flower Girl - Us Angels Tulle Ballerina Dress (Infant, Toddler, Little Girls & Big Girls) | Nordstrom