when little girl jeans get too short...and the next size up is still too long...

spice up the jeans

Add tulle to a jacket -- EEK! Love this!

Turning Jeans into Shorts

upcycle little girl jeans

This would be great to make my shrinking pants legs look longer. My fave jeans are in perfect shape but the legs are getting high. Especially with shoes in winter!

Shirt too short? Lengthen it. Adorable!

Would this fix skinny jeans? Love this look - and it could totally be a DIY UP- Cycle project! What a way to dress up old jeans ,,, just add LACE of choice to go up the sides and around the hem of Jeans. Use fabric glue if you don't sew... be done in no time !

Good to remember: You can add fabric to the bottom of any jeans, pants, skirts, etc to extend the length.

"Patching" a hole in the knee of kid jeans. CUTE!

DIY Tiny Friends in an Altoids Tin // 31 Adorable Things To Make For Babies

How to sew Ruffles to jeans

This skirt is adorable, and so easy!

Pillowcase Dresses These dresses last for years and are made to last, standard size fits most infants from 6 months to teen size 16 as a shirt.

Jeans too long? Use this technique to hem your jeans up, but using the original hem. No one will ever know!

Adorable little girl's top tutorial.

Mending Made Fun - A Mini Tutorial - super cute patching for jeans - rectangle w/red wool heart on site too - pic was too long vertically to pin well

How to hem pants while preserving the original hem.

add ric rac to ribbon!

jeans into skirt. soo cute!

Pinafores & Pinwheels: Dress using mens shirt.......LOVE the use of the sleeves on the back of the dress as a button-up closure!!!