Beach Ball Towel Game

Beach Ball game

giant outdoor Kerplunk - Made from tomato cages, PVC pipes, and ball pit balls.

UNDER THE BIG TOP: This game - in which players attempt to toss washer rings into buckets - is as easy to set up as it is fun to play.

milk jug ball toss (would be fun with sponge balls filled with water)

Beach balls and pool noodles - make it more challenging by making them have to hit the balls through a goal.

Beach Ball Relay Games | Beach ball relay race. They had to run through an obstacle course with ...

Kids loved this for vbs and I put a gold fish in a cup inside the bucket at the end of the line. Which team released their goldfish from the cup into the bucket won!

$1 store plastic table cloths and balloons! :) Easy!

Seminary At Six AM: Christmas Candy Ball Game

Water Balloon Games and Activities for Kids - Summer Fun!

Water Piñatas! Great for a hot day with the kids!

32 Of The Best DIY Backyard Games You Will Ever Play

Best summer camp game ever: Golf Ball | Appel Farm Arts Camp

Capture the Flag type game with balloons filled with shaving cream--wonderfully messy outside game.

Foot volleyball is sure to keep kids active even if you're stuck indoors. Push aside the furniture, grab a balloon and some string, and you're ready to play! #HealthyLiving #PhysicalActivity via@babble

WATER BALLOON VOLLEYBALL-Throw and catch water balloons over a volley ball net using a beach towel.

get to know you game | question ball -- Would be great for a Youth Group game getting them involved in a topic of the night.

Water balloons are so much fun but they take forever to fill up and go away in seconds. Try sponge balls next time. Your kids will love them. {my lil' guy already loves those pool nerf-like footballs/baseballs that soak up water. I got quite wet from us throwing them at each other on Sunday. This is cheap and simple to make!}

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