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  • Don Schmidt

    Marvel: Vision Abilities: Density control from invulnerable to intangible, Mass control from super heavy to weightless, phases into beings/objects then solidifies as a means of molecular disruption, causing pain/damage or death/destruction, Flight, Solar energy projection (via eyes or solar jewel on forehead), Computer/IT network interfacing, Superhuman strength (100 ton class), intelligence, reflexes and senses as an artificial being, Capable of self repair and regeneration as an artificial being.

  • Georgia Unity

    The Vision one of my favorite Avengers and the Bronze Age Avengers

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The Vision by George Perez. The Vision is a solar powered synthazoid(android)with the power to control his density from intangible to as hard as the purists diamond. He also generates solar energy beams of immense power and has massively superhuman strength and speed. His mind is computer sharp but he has a full range of human emotions. He is synthetic but fully human.

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