O-ko-no-mi-ya-ki!!! ❤ little japan mama ❤: Okonomiyaki Recipe (with endless variations!)

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Okonomiyaki, Hiroshima-style

Bamboo Shoot & Shiso Rice #japan



Japanese food: Salmon roe bowl イクラ丼

Japanese food: Temari-sushi

Japanese sweets -Ichigo Daifuku- (Strawberry Mochi)

Tsukune Skewer, Japanese Chicken Meat Loaf Teriyaki, Served with a Onsen-Tamago Poached Egg (Popular Style in Japan)|鶏つくね

September Wagashi

Amazing Stuffed Cabbage Rolls recipe. Tender leaves of cabbage stuffed and rolled with beef, garlic, onion and rice, simmered in a rich tomato sauce.

Japanese food -yaki soba-: fried soba (similar to chow mein).

Japanese food is really good not only the taste but also the appearance!

Fried oysters with panko (kaki fry or kaki furai) is a Japanese recipe that is easy to make. Learn how to use panko in this easy fried oysters recipe.

Japanese food -nabeyaki udon (hot pot udon) photo by bananagranola

Japanese New Year's Dish, Osechi

japanese sweets

Mame Gohan (Pea rice) by bananagranola (busy), via Flickr

Japanese food / みそ煮込うどん (miso nikomi udon)

Japanese rice balls しらす大葉おにぎり