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marine heliotrope does not only have beautiful purple flowers but also has a wonderful vanilla scent . Lime green color can be added by creeping jenny (as depicted and is a perennial in zone 6) or even some varieties of potato vine!
Textured grasses paired with colorful, Cool Wave pansies can punch up your front porch containers in spring.
Container gardening
adornar con flores una pared aislada
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Once again I am reminded that if you want a huge "show" of color - plant petunias. Just gorgeous....!!
Rock planters with beautiful plants and flowers - perfect to mix textures and colors
Million bells
This petunia variety was an All-America Winner for 1995, and it's certainly worth all of the accolades (and the price!). The plants display a unique spreading habit, creeping and vining along the grou
Lush planter.  Cordyline for the foundation surrounded by potato vine and calibrachoa.