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Some Friesians present chestnut coat due to the time when other breeds were allowed in the same stud book.. Nowadays, they are not approved and all must be black without markings. Img: Dressage to Excellence

Lollipop, Lollipop! Made with paper plates-or-styrofoam disks, wooden dowels, tissue paper, cellophane wrapping paper and ribbon...maybe for a birthday party or baby shower?

Red cherry is a book and animal lover. She loves sports her boyfriend is Moonglow. If you want to adopt, you may.

An interesting set of markings on this foal - photo from falkenhorst, via, Buch zu Pferdefarben thread, #20 and #22; From a letter from Dr. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD, a Professor of Pathology and Genetics and author of a book about horse colors: "These are 'calico tobianos.' It seems to be a dominant gene that modifies palomino or buckskin when in the presence of tobiano. Some of 'em are almost like a calico cat, with white, yellow, and red patches."


‘War Horse’: Friendship and loyalty in a time of conflict

"Warhorse" by Michael Morpurgo was so great because it is narrated by the horse himself, Joey. It is an innocent look at what war is on the ground, and about perseverance in the face of all the terrible things mankind does to ourselves. Highly recommended. nRead May 2012.