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The Human Connectome Project (HCP) is a project to construct a map of the complete structural and functional neural connections in vivo within and across individuals. The HCP represents the first large-scale attempt to collect and share data of a scope and detail sufficient to begin the process of addressing deeply fundamental questions about human connectional anatomy and variation

Connectome: How the Brain's Wiring Makes Us Who We Are by Sebastian Seung #Neuroscience #Connectome #Sebastian_Seung

Neurons of the human brain. Nature is the best artist...

The brain's nerve fibers traced by diffusion spectrum imaging, and colored to represent their direction. Via Nature

  • jesus blanco

    Las fibras nerviosas del cerebro desde el espectro difusor de imágenes y coloreadas para poder visualizar su dirección

Changes in the Eye Can Predict Changes in the Brain - - This is a retina cross-section from a healthy mouse showing TDP-43 staining (green), Ran staining (red), and nuclei (blue). Credit image to Dr. Michael Ward. #neuroscience #biology #science

Decoding Sounds’ Source: Researchers Unravel Part of Mystery - A new study provides insight into how localized hearing works in the brain. The inferior colliculus can be seen in this image from Gray's Anatomy. #neuroscience #brain

Neuroscience was always my fav subject in Uni!

As neuroscience researchers work to unravel the inner workings of the brain, we know more than ever before about the mysteries of where emotions originate in the brain and the connections between instinct, intelligence and emotion.

The power of your amazing brain [provided by @neuroscience on twitter]

Connected Learning Infographic | Connected Learning - not really a sketchnote, but I liked the organizational structure that COULD be used when sketchnoting!

10 Facts About The Human Body

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Amazing Facts About The Human Body Infographic - www.awakening-int... (please ignore the opening statement. )