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Explore Venus Conjunction, Moon Ganymede, and more!

Close up of Jupiter from our March live show on the Jupiter/Venus conjunction. The moon Ganymede is upper right.

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See How Much You Weigh On Jupiter, Mars, And The Moon

Your Weight in Outer Space. On Earth, On Jupiter, On Mars, On Moon.

Close up of the Moon during our live conjunction event with Venus. February 2012.

Here is a snap from the Slooh conjunction event - unique angle looking up through the telescope truss tube with the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter all in the same field of view.

Phobos in the foreground with gigantic (but very distant) Jupiter sitting in the background, a fortuitous alignment that the Mars Express High-Resolution Stereo Camera team took advantage of on June 1. Phobos and Jupiter ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum) On June 1, 2001, Mars Express watched as Phobos (the inner and larger of Mars' two moons) slipped past distant Jupiter. Phobos is only 23 kilometers in diameter, while Jupiter is 142,000 kilometers across!