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    Baby twins dance to their father playing guitar! This video is HILARIOUS! OMG!

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    OH MY GOD!!! So cute! I love the look they give each other before they start dancing!!

    This just made my day!


    This starts off so sweet...then you will laugh till you cry! Seriously! how have I not seen this before?

    Baby fast asleep, until her favorite song comes on! I don't know who was funnier, the woken baby or the hysterical sister. Too cute!

    Proof Women are born this way!

    Got me laughing so hard! Too cute!!!

    85 year old best friends, this will make your day

    Ok I wanna dance like this!


    Summer Poppy Cotton Quilt - SO adorable!

    Sweet Bow Swaddle Blanket, dying of a cuteness over load #TSM Paula Stange Please Paula Stange sugar Can you imagine this with "Legacy" embroidered on the bow? I'd die.

    feeling down? just dance like your high on life!! Made my day!

    Harvard Baseball- Call Me Maybe- and when this song comes on the radio it's what I think about doing EVERY TIME since it was aired on the Charlie Weierke show.

    Twin boys hear their daddy sneeze and try to copy the sound.

    SO MEAN! YouTube Challenge - I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present PART Couldn't stop laughing. the two kids at the end are so great. bahahaha.

    Friends Bloopers. I laughed, I cried.

    And then i died laughing...God bless this mother for having both her kids out with wisdom teeth- HAHAHAHA OMG LITERALLY DYING I LAUGHED THE WHOLE TIME