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  • Catherine Skoor

    Fairy ring. I know this should be a BAD thing to have in a lawn, but I love it.

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Do you know the cause of "Fairy Rings"?

little-secret-garden:The Fairies’ Garden Come dance a fairy dance with us…

Fairy House Have the kids explore the backyard to collect their building materials, such as twigs, moss, leaves, and stones. Use a little bit of glue, and a home for the fairies will really come to life. I made one of these when I was younger. I still have it, but sadly it's in storage. One day I'd like to bring it out.

Grow a secret fairy ring in a hidden spot at the bottom of the yard. You never know, you might attract some fairies! A circle of ornamental grasses, along with delicate, sweet-smelling flowers, looks magical and makes a great place to play or have a picnic. Don't forget treats for the fairies!

fritillaria meleagris - fairy umbrellas. (AKA "snake's head frittallary" in the uK) - the link is to a site outside US, but they will grow in US zones 4-8

Out of the baren woods a magical mushroom ring is formed ...soon the faeries will dance here, the trees will once again wear their gowns of leaves, the birds and animals will return and all will be right again with Nature. The old Moss Woman will chuckle with delight that the mushrooms she planted brought the fairies an such delight. mdh©

climbing hydrangea. I love these. I have one growing around my back door.

green & purple, never sounds like it will work - but it always seems to go together beautifully, here in salvia mexicana

Clematis recta purpurea & Geranium 'Ann Folkard' one of the most blistering foliage combos I've ever devised ;-)

Geranium maderense ( pink) Plectranthus zuluensis ( ground) & Echium webbii. All drought tolerant .

I hearby claim peonies as my favorite flower. The anticipation of the flowers blooming makes my spring, and they usually bloom right around my birthday.