• Leah Kofos

    WWII soldier Sergeant Frank Praytor feeding a 2 week old kitten during the height of the Korean War

  • Tom S

    US Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor feeds an orphan kitten found after a heavy mortar barrage near 'Bunker Hill' during the Korean War. (Photo by Sgt Martin Riley)

  • Patricia Watts

    This is a REAL man! 1943 - U.S. Marine feeding a kitten (x-post from cuteguyswithcats) - Imgur

  • Georgia Kz

    This is a photo from October 18th, 1952. It shows Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor nursing a two-week-old kitten back to health after she stumbled into the middle of the battlefield during the Korean War. They named the cat Miss Hap because "she was born at the wrong place at the wrong time." The cat ended up becoming a mascot for the Public Information office and lived the rest of its life in the states with a family.

  • Sarah McClanahan

    This photo was taken in Korea in 1953. The little kitten named Miss Hap was only two weeks old. She became an orphan because of war and was rescued by Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor. He adopted the kitten after the mother cat died from the war. According to the marine, the name was derived “because she was born at the wrong place at the wrong time.” (I saw this photo on Keith Harkin's facebook and had to do a pinterest search. A man who loves animals is worth knowing.)

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