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I believe you can reference Harry Potter in any situation. Lauren Gorman

If I ever get two little cats like this, these will be their names. I'd also like a black dog named Padfoot. here to find out more

25 Animals Who Think They're People / Cats Who Think They are British Schoolboys from the '50s

I feel better knowing u love me and I love baby always makes me feel better

Adopting a dog is one of the best things I've ever done. Zeus is my best friend no matter what and he loves me unconditionally...if you want a pet, go to the shelter...

hehe...I would NEVER put a cat costume on our, I'd go the classy route and dress them in kitty tuxedos with kitty monocles and kitty top hat. ;)

why am i crying right now, hahahahaha Chelsey Boatwright Photography Canady Jamie Wise Young Katie Schmeltzer Haire

this cat is not very happy, but she is very cute