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  • Kazi Ayeni-Watley

    Ice cream cone letter game.

  • Lahni Hunt

    Teach how to match upper and lower case letters using cute ice cream cones! Cute idea!

  • Dana Durham

    Teach how to match upper and lower case letters using cute ice cream cones! This should be helpful getting my four year old ready for kindergarten!

  • Carla Carstensen

    @Kellie Wendt CUTE idea upper case/lower case letter recognition by sherylw

  • Carlee Holt

    Ice Cream Cone Matching: could be used for lots of things...letters, math facts, vocabulary, etc.

  • Stefanie Anderson

    ice cream cone matching uppercase and lowercase letters. Another file folder game

  • Amy Miller

    Upper/Lower case letter matching game- ice cream cones:)

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good to do when baby comes / prepare ahead****best post i've seen so far on fun PLAY ways to learn letters. this lady focuses a lot on not drilling your younger kids with their learning, but rather letting them learn through play. *****

Fun way to help your child compare the letters in their name and the name of friends or family.

Matching wooden discs to flashcards. We have the same wooden discs from here:

Preschool Center: Do-a-dot letter recognition and visual scanning. Could do races in small groups to identify letters quickly (with older students), use pages with larger font size and fewer letters for younger children.

Letter recognition / I am going to share this with a friend who teaches 4/5 preschool. Great idea.

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Matching upper and lower case letters...did this out of 'foam' ice cream cones from Hobby Lobby.

Taking turns, each child (or child and parent) pulls a card from the container and reads the letter. They place the letter in their pile, and the next person draws a card. If the word "BANG" is drawn, that person must put all of their cards back into the bucket. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins.