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Hayley i saw this and obviously thought of you!!! :D

I have your pills right here, but you were a complete bitch earlier, so I'm going to tell you it will be another 20 minutes.

FMS.. How our skin looks & feel to the touch -VS- How it feels when touched Level of insensitivity chances by the minute

I dated a pharmacist... lmao and a guy studying to be a doctor but couldn't do it and ended up in alternative medicine. And a psych major who is going into mental health. I have a thing for medical guys apparently. (And funny enough those were the three I cared about the most)

I laughed pretty hard the first time I saw this

I am cracking up right now!

This is me until our construction is over, the dust, the noise, the tired and cranky needs to end!

FYI. Saying it's allergies doesn't make your spit and snot any less disgusting.

Be nice to your pharmacist. We get paid to know lethal combinations of drugs.

Carley Hill some people just have it......... you on the other hand..well know what i mean!! haha jk

Just one of many outrageous requirements necessary to be a superstar pharmacist...