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I feel like I'd be a Magneto-y superhero. Emphasis on the "hero" part.

The X-Men are probably the deepest comics ever written. They're a group of societal rejects who fight to defend and preserve the basic human rights of those that would deny them their own basic human rights. They're unappreciated and even ostracized...but still they fight on.The true meaning of heroism. Incredible, really, when you think of it.

Fred Birchal's X-Men Art. This is so cool!! I adore the X-Men!

Christian Petersen’s collection of Doctor Who, and other amazing sci-fi prints.

X-men - So cute! Even the Toad. But it's nice to see characters like Boomer and Wolfsbane!

Disney designer Eric Tan, who created artwork for The Incredibles, made a fantastic poster for the X-Men inspired by old German film posters.

Image from the Marko Djurdjevic 'Finished art' gallery - Marko Djurdjevic