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    Distributive Property Foldable

    Teaching in Special Education: Algebra

    Distributive Property

    Distributive property

    distributive property with combo meals... LOVE this visual - it's something the kids will get!

    Distributive Property Foldable and Practice for your interactive notebook - contains 2 foldables and a practice sheet!

    Teaching the distributive property using combo meals (pdf included). This is awesome!!

    distributive property drawings

    This is a cumulative project that is differentiated by product. The students will show their knowledge of translating verbal phrases into algebraic expressions using clue words. (See my free clue words document.) They also will show their knowledge of commutative and distributive properties using combining like terms, steps for solving equations, and strategies for translating word problems into algebraic equations.

    Algebra foldable

    A Hands-On introduction to the Distributive Property of Multiplication. I love this!

    Distributive Property of Multiplication using pictures

    Classroom Freebies: Hands-On Distributive Property. The distributive property won't seem so mysterious with this easy hands-on activity and game.

    Easily the coolest foldable ever! The picture shows it used for exponent rules or number properties, but the best is the how-to for making it. Kids will love this one!

    Distributive Property Posters

    Teaching in Special Education: Algebra

    Tic-Tac-Toe Equations & Inequalities Algebra is an important part of every middle school student's math work. Try a new approach to working with variables and equations as you play these Tic-Tac-Toe games. Practice is essential in order to master any skill, and this activity is a fun way to go about it! Scroll down to the "Terms to Know" information and "Math Review" at the bottom of the page for help.

    Teaching in Special Education: Algebra

    Finally a way for kids to understand domain and range from a graph? Visual/foldable activity so they can see the limits of the function.

    Teaching in Special Education: Algebra: I love the visuals and aids for students--- will help me too

    Explain why Calvin is wrong...I really like this! Jumpstart for lots of fun ways to teach math!