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Fluorescent tattoo ink, sometimes referred to as UV ink or black light ink, is a cool type of tattoo that glows under black light (it does not glow in the dark). If the entire tattoo is made with fluorescent ink, it can be only seen in the dark. Sometimes this type of ink is used in only small parts of a large tattoo just to give it some sparkle.

Fluorescent Tattoo AFS-001 USD12.59, Click photo to know how to buy/Facebook " showcase.lan " for discount, follow board for more inspiration

Birds of a feather temporary tattoo by Inkweartattoos on Etsy, £1.99

Even though everyone has a dream catcher tattoo, I still want one. Its been like a year since Ive wanted it!

Tattoo: very similar to mine! Only mine has flowers and goes across the top of the foot.

Black tank top Rebel Mermaid Ariel | CLOTHING \ T-shirts

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo like this, might not be exactly the same, but pretty much like this. But I think I want it in white ink, and I know I want it a little smaller than this. I don't know yet where I will put it though.