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Meet The Guard, a #Maker class project by student Sujoy Chowdhury.

Fluid Interfaces student Sujoy Kumar Chowdhury captures some LEGO fun time at the Lab.

Meet MIT CityFARM's latest pest protectors: 1,550+ ladybugs!

Lifelong Kindergarten group: "Can we have class outside?" Professor Mitch Resnick: "Yes."

Looks like someone forgot to put their LEGOs away before heading to class...

Building a pulse oximeter with parts from a cheap webcam in Ramesh Raskar's Engineering Health class.

Not satisfied with drinking endless coffee, Labbers are also learning about making it.

Hugo Award-winning author Elizabeth Bear tours the Lab before speaking in Dan Novy and Sophia Brueckner's Science Fiction to Science Fabrication class.

A silkworm, part of a Mysterious New Project, mugs for the camera at the Mediated Matter lab

Member week prep continues with shiny new signage throughout the Lab.